Technology at Tech-24

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The technologies for faster, more responsive foodservice equipment repair.

No one invests more in technologies for foodservice equipment repair than we do. These investments drive faster response times and more effective service, connecting our service technicians to our inventories, manuals and parts diagrams.

Our 24/7 call center specialists use a sophisticated database and dispatch system to handle your call — you can request service by phone, email, or other electronic forms. We replicate all mission-critical applications on redundant servers, maximizing availability and tracking each call by model and serial number.

Foodservice equipment repair specialists linked to key resources:

  • GPS tracked vans to create maximum efficiency which equals faster response times
  • Wireless technology on every van
    • Technicians update service calls in real time
    • Access to service manuals, service bulletins, and parts diagrams
    • Access to see the inventory on the technician’s van, their fellow teammate’s van, and warehouse inventory
    • Cameras to document repairs, installs, planned maintenance or equipment condition
    • Electronic signature capture which allows for better efficiency and is paperless

Service Management
Systems We Work With:

  • Vixxo
  • Service Channel
  • Corrigo
  • Office Trax
  • EcoTrak
  • Verisae
  • Fexa
  • Service Now
  • IBM/Maximo
  • and more!